it's time.

I never set out to work in adoption. And I certainly never set out to have an adoption blog. 

After years spent in various other social work gigs, one would easily say my next job -- working for an adoption agency -- would be a most natural fit. Or that it was like coming full circle for me. Or the happiest job on the planet. 

Even I thought it would be the easiest most wonderful job. 

But it didn't take long to realize the complexities. 

Oh, the complexities.

Layers upon layers of macro and micro level issues. Vulnerable children. Multiple countries, languages, and governments. Money exchanged. Many hands involved. Crisis situations. Third and first world countries. Those with power and those powerless. Those who desperately want to be parents. Others in desperate situations. People with good intentions. The reality that good intentions aren't always enough. The language we use to talk about adoption. The fact that adoption agencies are still businesses. The lack of post-adoption resources. The truth that sometimes helping really hurts. The truth that sometimes we all need some help... 

Oh, the complexities.

I do know that complex things are sometimes good. 
And that complex things are sometimes bad. 
And that some complex things, well... they just are

So after resigning from my agency position 1.5 years ago, it's time. 

I don't know it all, and I have a lot to learn... but I do know a bit, and it's time.

It's time to take this very small corner of the Internet to write about adoption and post-adoption. 

Because these complexities are worth talking about, and even more importantly, they are worth fixing and bettering when possible.


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